Marketing For Electricians

My Local Trades is well placed in understanding the needs of your electrical contracting business thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience we have within the electrical industry. Head of online marketing, Gary Pratten, who was an electrician in a previous life, now runs the show here at My Local Trades.

Our on line content is engaging, professional and fun – we can bring dull content to life and be the social face of your company. These are essential components to any business but unfortunately lack of time gets in the way of making these things happen. That is where we come in. We are the people working in the background promoting your company and gaining brand awareness leaving you with one job or two less to do!

We can spend as much or indeed as little time on your campaigns as you need us to.

We pride ourselves on consistent, quality work. Each tweet is unique, every article is keyword rich ensuring optimum performance in search engines.

Being social

  • Full management across a range of social media assets


Blogging and advice

  • Uniquely written blog posts published regularly to your website enhancing your brand and showing how you are the electrician people should be using!


Something more bespoke?

We can do as much or as little as you wish. We can also completely run and maintain your whole online marketing campaign. When I say everything that is exactly that, everything. Domain name registration & hosting, Website builds, SEO, Social Media, Blog writing, content for your website and anything else you require from us for your online marketing campaign - in other words the full shooting match!

Our aim is to free up your time so you can do what you do best - concentrate on the day to day running of your electrical contracting business.

Contact Gary HERE for your no obligation chat or Tweet me @garyprattenuk