Thank you for making the decision to use ‘My Local Trades’ to manage and maintain your business domain name, develop your website and setup/maintain your email accounts. This agreement spells out what you can expect from us and what we expect from you.

If you agree to what you read below, please reply to the email that sent this document with a yes or no reply. This will be the legal equivalent to your signature on a written contract and equally binding. Only by replying ‘yes’ will ‘My Local Trades’ commence work for you. 

This agreement is valid for a minimum of 12 months from the date you agree to this contract. After the 12 months you will own your website outright in full and all we require is 30 days notice in writing to terminate this subscription agreement with you.

What’s Included:

  • A full Website build that you will own after 12 months subscription.
  • Domain name: Full management of your domain name. We will even pay for this and register it to you if you do not have a domain name already
  • HTTPS Secure certificate for your domain - this gives you the green padlock to show your customers that your website is secure.
  • Daily Site and Database Backups
  • Unlimited Private server Hosting
  • Unlimited email addresses (this includes set up) - optional
  • Ongoing complete maintenance of website - including security updates and search engine updates
  • Implementation of industry standard and my own SEO for trades (search engine optimisation) of your content, website techniques
  • Full control and access to your website - You can have as much or as little access and input into your website as your time allows and what you are technically comfortable with
  • Social media links and share buttons
  • Meta data - this helps with click through rates when people find you in search engines like Google.
  • Bespoke Design (I will build you a theme and website that YOU actually own! If you ever wish to move your website away from us then no hard feelings, we can send you your full website via Dropbox / WeTransfer or alternative.
  • Editable pages & images - You can edit and change any aspect of your website by simply clicking an "edit" button, make your changes then click "save"!
  • Editable Slideshow - Optional - You can easily change images and text on your slide show (if you want one!)
  • Mobile Optimised - All my sites are built from the ground up based on an adaptive design which means that the website will change size and positioning based on the screen size.
  • Location Based targeting
  • Service type based targeting
  • Ongoing support, consultation and minor works (for example a new page, photo gallery etc)  - We offer free support via Email. (limited to 1 hour per week)

What’s not included:

Anything not mentioned above is not included in the subscription. Anything over and above that is not mentioned above will require individual pricing and agreement with us and yourself.

SEO, just like being a trades person, covers a large range of services. For example, being an Electrician doesn’t necessarily mean that you repair small house hold electrical appliances. This is the same for the SEO industry. So whilst our services do cover on-site SEO (SEO techniques and implementation for every page on your website) My Local Trades do not offer “off-site” SEO.  Our knowledge covers both onsite and off site SEO, so if you require monthly reporting, as part of this package, we can help you set up the free Google search console and Analytics software that allows you to track your own progress in search engines like Google.


Website development, SEO and unique regular content come hand in hand. This means that My Local Trades can do as much on-site SEO optimisation as is possible, but without you the customer giving us regular content, your SEO and in turn search engine rankings will be limited.

This means that to ensure your website ranking continues to improve longer term, you should send us regular content in the form of blogs, offers, photo’s etc.

Taking up this monthly subscription means you should be using My Local Trades to your advantage by us adding your regular content to your website for you. We will optimise this content using our and industry standard SEO techniques ?

Fees and Charges:

Your monthly subscription fee is payable by the last day of each month by bank transfer to:

HSBC Bank - Sort code: **-**-** – Account number: ********

Payment will be considered late on the first day of the following month from invoice date.

My local Trades has the right to charge late payment of 8% over the Bank of England base rate together with compensation at the rate of £40 per invoice.