Blogs for Trades People

My Local Trades blog writing service for trades people

My Local Trades is pleased that from 1st October 2019, we will be offering our unique Website copy and blog writing service for trades people in addition to our already popular Fully Managed Domain, Website, On-Site SEO & Email Management and support package. We have found over the years that whilst developing, maintaining and managing on-site SEO for trades peoples websites, trades people tend to struggle when it comes to putting pen to paper. It can prove difficult and time consuming at best and most give up or get someone else who has no knowledge of our industry to write content for them. 

What makes us different to other blog writers for trades?

My local trades are specialists in the construction industry, and in fact, only work with trades people. We have years of knowledge in the construction industry, therefore we understand the industry terminology and why relating this to your customers is so important. For example, we have seen many a blog post that uses wording like "consumer unit". Whilst we in our industry know and understand what this is, your customer would refer to it as a "fuse box" or "fuse board". When writing content we ensure that "your customer" understands what they are reading making it easier for them to consume your content. You can also share your blogs on your social media accounts and newsletters, making it easier for you to come up with ideas to post and send! 


The aim of this service is to research, conceptualise, write and edit regular blogs for your website, positioning you as an expert in your field and to increase website conversion. Each blog will be written in a way that non-technical people looking for a local trades person can consume easily and understand. My Local Trades will optimise each piece of content for on-site SEO at the time of going live on your website. We find that a writer does better when left to write freely rather than having to think about the SEO and marketing aspect of the content! 

How My Local Trades Will Achieve Your Objectives

In the case of blog writing, My local Trades will discuss with you your preferred services and locations and base the content around these. This will help to reduce the “tyre kickers” and target just the type of work and the areas / locations you want to work in.  Our blog package for tradesmen will cover two blogs per month for your website and we post them for you too!

Once you have agreed with My Local Trades to go ahead with your campaign and have provided us with the necessary information to do so during our initial discussion, we will conceive and write according to this.  In every case, My Local Trades work will include structuring, research, copy/content writing, on-site SEO, editing, and publishing over twelve consecutive months. 

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