How to make blogging work for your electrical business

How to make blogging work for your electrical business

Blogging is so much more than words on a page. Done correctly you will increase visitors to your site, improve search engine rankings, become an authoritative on electrical work and target the areas and type of work that you prefer. The purpose of blogging is to provide regular, informative and relevant content on your website which in turn makes your website more likely to be found within the search engines.

How to Create a Click to Call Phone Number Link on your Website

In this tutorial I am going to show you how easy it is to create a phone number that your website visitors can click on to call you. Firstly we add the text and phone number that we want to use. We then highlight the phone number then click on the "link" icon. When the link dialog box appears we use the "tel" attribute to (tel:) inside the url field followed by our phone number with no spaces. We click save that that is it!

How to create landing pages on your electrician website

Electricians landing page example

Essentially a landing page is a static page (basic page) on your website where you would target one location and one service type and add a call to action (an instruction on what you want the visitor to do, i.e. call you, email you and so on. 

In a nut shell that is what a landing page is. It isn't rocket science as some people may lead you to believe!

So for your website to rank for the areas you want to work in, you would have many landing pages on your website. 

What is an Alt attribute, what does it do and how do you add it to your website?

What is Alt text and what does it do?

Today I am writing about Alt attributes. Below I explain what they are and what they do. An Alt attribute is a short description of an image used on the internet. 

What is an Alt attribute?

Alt text is short for Alternative text or also know as Alt text. It tells search engines what the image is about. (Bot's are clever but they still can't see an image in the same way a human can!)

What your trades website needs

Here at My Local Trades, we have over 11 years experience in developing websites for trades people. Over this time we have learned a great deal about what works and what does not when it comes to search engines like Google and users to your website. Below you will find a list (some obvious, some not so) of the must haves for your trades website:

Blog ideas for local trades

Blog ideas for local trades

At My Local Trades, we are more than aware that almost every trades person finds it difficult to come up with inspiration for blogs on their websites. We would suggest you try following our guide below:

Try to post a blog/landing page on a regular basis. The important thing is to keep it regular, so keep it realistic. For example, it is better to post one blog at the same time each month than 2-3 the first month, 1-2 on month 2, 1 on month 3 then 1 every couple of months and so on......