spam email coming from my own address

So, you have received an email sent from your own email address and wondering if you have been hacked right? 

Firstly, don't panic! Chances are you have not been hacked. This type of spam email is one of the most common types of spam emails out there. This is because anyone with a little programming knowledge can actually send an email from any email address to any email address. 

As an example, you can see below how easy it is to send an email from to without having any access to the actual email account. 

mail('','I hacked your account','I got access to your email','')

The php code above would send an email from to

So as you can see, it is really easy to send a spam email to look like it is coming from your own email address. So whatever the email is about, don't click any links and certainly don't make any payments. Just ignore, delete and move on. It's a scam!