Why you shouldn't delay being social

Stepping out into the arena of social media can be somewhat daunting.  It is a little bit like stepping out on the stage – all eyes are watching you, and suddenly you find yourself in amongst the whelms of people with what can seem like the right words and masses of followers.

Don't be afraid

The truth of the matter is social media is exactly that – being social.  It is really a case of getting out there and joining in with the conversations and giving people helpful advice – or simply passing the time of day.  Just as you appreciate a friendly hello when out and about, social media is no different – complimenting someone on their work or saying good morning will more often than not result in a personal message of gratitude.

It's not about the right words or how much of a following you have – everyone has to start somewhere.  Just be yourself, and you'll soon feel at home.

Many business owners delay being social – and I'm not just talking about small businesses here – big companies are exactly the same.

Why are businesses delaying being social?

They are afraid of saying the wrong thing – which could potentially tarnish their reputation.  Of course this is a perfectly valid concern.  However there are really only two “do nots” when it comes to social media.

  • Do not constantly bombard your followers with sales material.
  • Do not use bad language and personal opinions that may offend others.

This does mean you need to task social media with someone who is.....social! Social media is not a sales platform.  Sure tell your audience about your latest promotion but think of how it is useful to your followers.  Simply bombarding your followers constantly with your sales talk will send them running.  This meaning they won't integrate with you.

Think about how many times you approach someone pitching a sale......you don't, and generally avoid them.

Keep personal views separate

Many people make the simple error of using their personal social media accounts for their business.  This means that your professional clients would also know about your pub antics on a Friday night, this is fine for personal friends, but does your customer who is about to entrust you to a large project need to know this.  Equally using bad language or using views that would cause upset to others are best avoided.

Remember you are the face of your business – being friendly and ready to help will gain you lots of integration.  You are building your business without realising – remember recommendation is the main way work is gained. Being social is a great way of being remembered, and in turn recommended.

Make it your next marketing plan to go social

Don't be afraid of stepping out into the world of social media – maximise your business potential by filling out your social media profiles properly so others know what it is you offer.  Then start to follow other people who are relevant to your business or potential clients.  You will soon start to gain relevant followers – and you'll soon be involved in conversations so long as you choose to join in.