Here at My Local Trades, we have over 11 years experience in developing websites for trades people. Over this time we have learned a great deal about what works and what does not when it comes to search engines like Google and users to your website. Below you will find a list (some obvious, some not so) of the must haves for your trades website:

  • Write clearly what it is you do. You have to remember that unless you write it on your web page, search engines like Google will not know that you do it! Therefore, how would you expect to be found for "electrician in town" if you don't actually write it on your website.
  • Meta data (title and description) Meta data is information about the web page that tells search engines a little about the content. This content then shows up in the search snippet in a search engine result. Getting this right can make the difference between someone clicking on your website as apposed to your competitors.
  • Phone number - make sure that your phone number is clear and clickable on every page of your website. Using just one number will reduce confusion and will increase the chances of someone calling you.
  • Sign-up/contact form - you should have a contact form of some sort on every page of your site. 
  • Services - A list of all the services that you offer. Try to keep to the one's that you prefer and are more comfortable carrying out. This will help reduce the "tyre kickers" ensuring that the visitor knows exactly what it is you do before they contact you.
  • Locations - As above, add a list of the areas that you work in.
  • Social icons - Add social share buttons or links on every page to make it easy for people to share your page on their social media sites.
  • Call to action - it is really important to give visitors an instruction on every page of your site. Be this to call you, email you, fill in a form etc.
  • Section off your content - if you cover domestic, commercial or industrial then create separate sections for these as your visitor will be different and looking for different things.
  • Logos - make sure you have any industry logos that you belong to.
  • Video - this is something that has gained momentum in the last few years and adding an introduction video about you and your business will engage your visitors better.
  • Reviews - add links to any external review sites that your belong to. For example: your Google My Business reviews.
  • Gallery - you should be taking photo's of your work on a daily basis to add to your website.
  • Blog - write regularly about all aspects of your business. This again will help engage with visitors and also gives you a great deal of content you can share on your social media sites.
  • Newsletter - Send out monthly newsletters to help keep your visitors and customers up to date with the latest news and happening in your industry. This will give your visitors and customers confidence in you.
  • Staff - add head and shoulder photo's of you and your staff. when you go to a customer for the first time they will know who is coming to see them.

This isn't an exhaustive list and I will update this list on a regular basis.